Approaching Zanzibar is Approaching


Staff Writer


What is an interesting play? A play that shows something familiar or rather a play that shows something new?

This year’s fall play Approaching Zanzibar by Tina Howe is a great mix of both.

A very normal family goes on a road trip to see their crazy, dying aunt, and the situations they experience and the very different people they meet make this road trip something extraordinary.

Approaching Zanzibar is a play about family spirit, changes in life and saying goodbye. These ideas are significant for San Marcos, as longtime teacher and director David Holmes nears retirement.

The cast of the play and the students of the play production class this semester are very excited about improving their acting skills with a play that is sometimes really difficult to perform.

Freshman Natalie Hurt, who plays the grandma of a deaf boy, had to learn American sign language just for her role.

“It was really interesting learning a complete other language and I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun performing it for everybody,” said Natalie.

Junior Siani Mendez is fluent in another language, too. She plays a Mexican nurse and therefore she has to speak Spanish in the play.

“It is weird speaking Spanish in front of everyone, but it’s pretty cool, too,” said Siani.

Freshman Alex Feller is cast as the crazy dying aunt that the family wants to visit and she is also very excited about of her role.

“I love playing this part in the play, when I must drive them crazy and start screaming like a witch, or howling like a coyote,” said Alex. “I can behave like I am crazy and nobody cares – on the contrary: They want me to. That is amazing!”

All in all this year’s fall play is going to be a great show, maybe even one of the best performances the Play Production Class has ever put together.

Everyone who wants to see David Holmes’s last fall play should support their schoolmates and enjoy a great night of theater on November 14, 15 or 16 at 7 pm. Approaching Zanzibar is maybe the most modern and craziest play San Marcos has ever performed. 


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