KHK Harvest Festival Had Games & Dancing


News Editor

The San Marcos student run organization, Kids Helping Kids (KHK), is a group of empowered students making a difference from the classroom to the community. Once again, they have impressed the community by hosting the Harvest Festival. The festival took place on November 23rd, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m, at the the Santa Barbara Carriage Museum.

The idea of hosting a Harvest Festival was devised by senior Laurel Mead. The event was organized by seniors Estefania Contreras, the Chief Operating Officer of KHK, and Nikki Forker.

“Planning the festival was definitely a lot of work, but we were able to get many people involved, and it has been so fun,” said Estefania Contreras. “We picked the Carriage Museum because it has a great feel for the olden days, and it has a lot of space, so it was perfect for the Harvest Festival.”

At the festival, there were booths, food trucks, line dancing, and live music. Carnival booths included henna and face painting, pumpkin painting, a cake walk, a photo booth, “fishing” for prizes, fish cup, and a jelly bean guessing game station. One of the main highlights of the festival was line dancing. Several food trucks also came to the festival such as the Sugar and Salt Creamery and the Burger Bus.

The Harvest Festival was completely planned by the students. They got the food trucks here, had all the ideas for the booths, found the band, and the location for the festival,” said San Marcos economics and government teacher, Mrs. Wilber.

All proceeds from the booths and admission to the Harvest Festival went towards helping disadvantaged kids in local and global communities. A percentage of proceeds from the food trucks also went towards supporting this cause.

I give huge credit to everyone involved in planning the Harvest Festival and special credit to Nikki Forker and Estefania Contreras for putting in long hours planning this whole event. I am also thankful of Laurel Mead for coming up with the idea,” said KHK Chief Operating Officer, Carter Hudson.


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