Boys Soccer Takes Palmdale By Storm

Article Courtesy of Bruce Carter

The Royals boys soccer fought through a stormy weekend of freezing rain and blustery wind and tore through all four teams they faced with a winning record of 3-0-1. The Royals defense stifled its opponents and goalkeeper Kyle Carter posted 4 straight shut-outs.

The Royals defeated CIF powerhouse Palmdale 2-0 with goals by a terrific unassisted full field run by Kelvin Uribe and Inri Cortez assisted by Jake Castanha.

In the second game, Austin Venezia scored the only goal, assisted by Lalo Escoto, as the Royals bested Rosamond, 1-0. Game three was a battle against Eastside and the elements as the sideways rain and bone-chilling cold was a factor. Without several key players who suffered injury in the second game, the Royals deep bench and goalkeeping by Kyle Carter held the slate clean with two saves in the final minutes and a last second clear by outside back, Sean Estabrooks.

Game 3 headed to the cruel decision by penalty kicks. Despite a monster save by Kyle Carter, Eastside advanced 3-2 on kicks from the mark.

Game four was against Riverside and this time it was Sergio Alvarez who put in an early goal that stood up as the winning goal. Twins Luis and Miguel Torres were solid in midfield, thoroughly frustrating their opponents. The Royals soccer program is on the rise and led by head coach Rob Lauderdale who is assisted by superlative coaching by James Kiffe and Waid Ibrahim.


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