Frozen Captures Audiences


Staff Writer.

Genre: fantasy, animation, family.

Rating: 86%

You should watch this movie if you enjoy the classic disney fairy tale movies.

This Holiday season it is all about cozy movies full of love, laughter and warmth. Frozen, Disney’s latest addition to the disney princess family, is all of that– minus the warmth part. Frozen is the story of a kingdom accidently thrown into eternal winter by their queen, Elsa, who does not know how to harness her ice magic. Elsa promptly flees the kingdom, convincing herself that everyone will be safer without her there. Her little sister Anna, the main protagonist, sets off after her convinced that she can undo the curse and bring back summer and fix her broken relationship with her sister. So even though it may not be the warmest story around, it totally pulls on the heart strings and makes for an adorable feel-good movie.

While some people were unhappy with how similar the animation was to the 2010 Disney princess movie Tangled, no one could say the animation wasn’t gorgeous. The characters were each adorable and their designs really were flawless. The voice actors Disney chose to read each character could not have been more spot on. And though the idea of yet another Disney princess musical might seem like a turn off at first, the musical scenes actually bring an endearing quality to Frozen. The only complaint I have is that at times the script was inconsistent and it seemed that maybe Disney was trying just a little bit too hard to end with a huge plot twist, however there were redeemable qualities to it. The portrayal of the characters was fabulous, they discreetly poked fun at some of the older princess movies and they twisted around the original idea of “True Love” that Disney always seemed so fond of.

In the end, Frozen pulled together to make an enjoyable movie. Although not necessarily the most thought-provoking or interesting film of the year, Frozen is an adorably put together tale and is a must-see for anyone who wants to have that much more holiday spirit and leave the theater with a smile on their face and a little extra warmth in their heart. 


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