Devil Baby


News Editor

The marketing team of a movie often chooses to place an ad on a billboard or the TV. Lately, YouTube is used more commonly as a source for free advertisement. The Devil’s Due might have been just another horror flop if it were not for a priceless YouTube clip that has already generated close to 9 million views.

Although absolutely alarming and creepy, the devil baby is extremely life-like in its composition. A group of animatronic specialists assembled a fake doll which was then demonized and dehumanized to produce the intended effects.

Controlled with a remote control, the devious stroller was rolled onto the densely populated streets of New York City. With hidden cameras hidden securely, the individuals began approaching. Once the strangers tried to check on the baby, the horrible creature bolted up and yelled out hair-raising sounds. In some cases it even puked on a few lucky persons. The people, of course, expected nothing of this sort and were obviously terrified. They jumped and cursed and laughed. The prank turned into an internet sensation shortly after being posted.

So next time you decide to stroll through the streets beware – the devil’s out!

The Devil’s Due comes out on January 17.


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