A Thunderous Victory in the Thunderhut




News Editor


On January 24, white t-shirts packed the Thunderhut for a white-out game against city rival Dos Pueblos. In the highly anticipated rematch between two very talented teams, the Royals blew out the Chargers 53-34. The win marked the biggest margin of victory for the Royals in Channel League play so far, and came just three weeks after losing to the Chargers at DP.


Hype for the game had been building for over a week, the excitement peaked when San Marcos organized a flashmob in the Thunderhut with red glowsticks while the names for the Royals starting 5 were being called out. The result was electrifying, with the Royals jumping out with an early lead and never looking back.


The match was a huge victory for the Royals, who needed a win against DP to stay alive in the hunt for the Channel League. Santa Barbara is currently in first, with a record of 6-0, with San Marcos close behind at 3-3. With senior and captain Bryce Ridenour out with a concussion, the team looked to their sophomores, Tyson Miller and Scott Everman, to step up big. They came through, each putting in a solid game. Team leading scorer Elijah Johnson had a huge game, as well as senior Wes Ghan-Gibson. 



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