Remembering presidents for the weekend


Staff Writers

President’s Day, the celebration of Washington’s birthday, was started by Congress in 1876. By 1885 all government offices celebrated the holiday. Today Washington’s birthday falls on the third Monday of every February. However, Washington was actually born on February 22. This date change occurred in 1971. In 1951 the President’s Day committee was formed. Their goal was to change the name to President’s Day instead of Washington’s Birthday. However, their proposal was shot down. The term President’ Day is more of a colloquial term. Lincoln’s birthday was included in the holiday but his birthday is not officially recognized. The original date for President’s Day was March 4, the original inauguration day.

Traditions of President’s Day vary. However, before the 1980s stores closed during this weekend. Now, stores remain open and have massive sales to gain revenue. Here, we get 2 days off coupled with the weekend. In New York the people get an entire week off. Since 1862 there has been a tradition of speaking Washington’s farewell address in Congress.

“The origin of President’s Day occurred within my lifetime,” said Mr. Burrows, “I do not have a good consolidation of the holiday. They were extraordinary men, we should honor them as much as we can. I would advocate that we separate President’s Day back out into two separate national holidays for the both.” (Referring to Lincoln and Washington’s birthday.)

“President’s Day weekend means I get an extra day off,” said sophomore Davis Schell. “I will be playing basketball and surfing.”

President’s Day weekend for most people means an extra long weekend to relax and socialize.  However, we should never forget two of our most dignified leaders.  Have a good President’s Day weekend royals!


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