Blush Restaurant Helps Hearts


Staff Writer

Many people have heard of, if not been to, the fantastic restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara called Blush. They offer traditional California cuisine for you and your family to enjoy while dining at their beautiful outside patio. Though it is similar to other fine eateries, Blush has stood out this year by helping those suffering from heart disease.

On February 6, the American Heart Association teamed up with this amazing restaurant to celebrate the 11th annual Wear Red Day. Customers paid an entry fee of $15 and received a chocolate and raspberry mousse dessert and adults were served red wine. Not only did patrons receive a pastry, they also got to enjoy live music. Customers were encouraged to wear red on that night as Blush was also decorated with numerous red balloons.

This eventful night helped provide awareness for heart disease, the number one killer of women in the United States. The American Heart Association was given a portion of the proceeds Blush earned to aid in their efforts to help prevent this disease. The American Heart Association is a non profit organization that seeks to reduce the deaths associated with heart disease and they want to raise awareness of this disease. So, help cure peoples’ hearts by feeding yours. February 6 at Blush Restaurant was a wonderful event, and you can always continue to support the American Heart Association or visit Blush at 630 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara, near The Habit.


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