Miranda Sings Comes to Santa Barbara


Staff writer

Miranda Sings in articleSan Marcos High School graduate, Colleen Ballinger, is renowned for her famous Youtube videos. Using her alter ego, Miranda, she creates funny videos singing songs, reading her hate mail, re-creating her own versions of well known plays, and completing challenges sent in by her fans. These videos, known as Miranda Sings, have been viewed by millions of people worldwide, making Colleen so famous she now travels to different theaters throughout the world, performing her hilarious and entertaining skits as Miranda. Fortunately, Colleen performed in Miranda Sings last Friday night at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara for hundreds of people who will never forget what a wonderful night it was.

The show began with Colleen coming out on stage and thanking her audience for coming. She said she had created an eventful show for us and wanted to make it extra special considering this was her home town. She did not disappoint. Colleen started by singing an original song she had written, “Taylor the Latte Boy,” which sounded beautiful despite the fact that when Miranda sings on Youtube, her voice comes out scratchy and high-pitched.

Colleen then brought out three old time friends to sing “New World,” which the foursome used to sing together before Colleen created Miranda. Her young nephew was also brought on stage to sing a duet from the Oscar winning movie, Frozen. Lastly, Colleen sang one of her favorite songs ,“Defying Gravity,” while transforming into her internet character, Miranda, by changing into a blue and white striped shirt, red sweats, messy hair, and badly placed lipstick. This is the last time we saw Colleen that night, now being entirely entertained by the hilariously untalented and sassy Miranda.

Miranda, being her usual self-absorbed self, felt that the audience should know that she was talented and able to sing since the day she was born. She pulled up someone from the audience, made to act as Miranda’s mother even though he was a boy, and gave him a script to follow as they enacted Miranda’s birth. The audience was in hysterics as Miranda then kicked the boy off stage saying she could do a better job herself. Miranda reinacted her birth using numerous props and toys.

Afterwards, Miranda called up the San Marcos Madrigals to sing, but stopped them halfway through, realizing they needed singing lessons as they were “no good.” Finally, she decided the best person to teach this group how to sing was herself. She performed numerous warm-ups which they were instructed to copy and told to “try to be as good as her.” Despite the ridiculous activities and Miranda’s own unperfected voice, the Madrigals obeyed and sang along. After having enough of their “horrible voices,” Miranda also kicked them off stage.

To finish the show, MIranda brought up one final man onto the stage along with another famous Youtuber GloZell Green. They were asked to take on the Chubby Bunny challenge, each given a bag of marshmallows to see who could fit the most in their mouth and still be able to mutter the phrase “Chubby Bunny.” However, Miranda gave the audience member a bag of regular sized marshmallows, GloZell a bag of industrial sized marshmallows, and herself the small sized marshmallows. Even though Miranda won, she declared GloZell the winner for her great effort in trying to win.

Keeping her promise to put on a great show was not broken, as this was a night many people will never forget. There’s never a dull moment when Miranda is around. 


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