Blood Drive Comes to San Marcos


Editor in Chief

The United Blood Services has come to San Marcos today on March 14 to put on a blood drive. They are here today due to the hopes and determination of the San Marcos HOSA club. For a group project, students of the club had the idea to put on a blood drive. The drive was supposed to run from 8-12:30 however it has run over. HOSA club expected about 60 students to show up and donate, however over 70 have shown up.

I feel great after donating,” said senior Barbara Ramirez. “Drawing blood did not turn out as painful as how I imagined it in my mind.”

Donating blood is safe and easy! Students have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life through this blood drive, if someone gets in an accident, they could heavily rely on donated blood.

Hopefully with this great turn out we can have another blood drive next year, but with twice as many people,” said HOSA club president Vianey Hernandez.

To be a donor you must be 18–or 16 and 17 with a parent permission slip–must meet the height and weight requirements, and also have eaten a healthy meal and have drank plenty of fluids before donating. Students that donated also received a free t-shirt!

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