Beautifying San Marcos: Help From the Community


Director of Media


San Marcos truly has a lot to be proud of within the recent years of campus beautification. It’s wonderful that we have immense pride in our school and want to look good for the community. The newly painted beams in the hallways are bold and fresh, while the remodeled B-wing is breathtaking. The landscaping also plays a huge role in the presentation of San Marcos. However, unlike paint or structures, shrubs and trees require regular attention. Our gardeners, such as Salvador Mora, work tirelessly, and we also get help from Goleta Valley Beautiful (GVB), who assembles volunteer teams every weekend to prune and care for the landscaping at local schools.

For a few hours on Saturday March 8th, a GVB team gave their time to help our school. These volunteers consisted of interns in the Urban Foresters Program through GVB, who participate in restoration work with trees as well as educational outreach throughout the community, and a UCSB fraternity, Theta Nu Kappa, who state “our purpose is to be an instrument for the type of change we wish to see.” Coming together, these two groups worked on the slopes next to the stadium, facing the track, pruning trees. Even if you are not a track athlete, you can still enjoy the beautiful service they provided to our school. Without receiving pay, they have volunteered to make a difference in their community. Can’t we all do the same?



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