All Around The World At San Marcos


Exchange Students 3

Staff Writers

San Marcos is known for hosting exchange students from all around the world each semester. Students travel from far away locations such as Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and Israel to come to Santa Barbara hoping to gather new experiences from a different culture. With this exchange program, the students are able to have a first-hand experience in the classic American life. We interviewed sophomore exchange student Laura Schünemann, “[I came from Germany to have] a good experience, to meet new people and to improve my English.”Exchange Students

Our school is unique because we offer many clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities such as Red Cross club, Hands 4 Others Club and boys football and basketball. “We do not have school spirit like this back in Germany,” said junior German exchange student Alina Blitz. “…and we cannot do sports in school, like we do not have a football team or cheer.”

This results in our exchange program being suitable for those who have an interest in studying abroad.

In addition to the educational clubs provided at San Marcos, there are also many amusing activities for exchange students, including dances, football or basketball games, and even rallies. Many of the exchange students were intrigued by our school spirit and were amazed by the liveliness of our campus. With the exchange program at San Marcos, the local students can also get a taste of life in foreign countries.

Exchange Students 2

Not only are the exchange students affected, but also their hosts. There are many families open to hosting a foreign exchange student. Of the family hosts, freshman Erandi De Silva, shared her thoughts as a host.

I really enjoy it because as an only child, I love having someone to be with. I love having a sister with me.” Because of the exchange program at San Marcos, new friendships have flourished and new memories have been established.

Some of the exchange students that we have hosted this year include:

Leonard Bogner- Germany

Marina Barton- Brazil

Leonardo Imperiate-Italy

Berit Kalus- Germany

Yvonne Lauvdal-Norway

Alina Blitz- Germany

Bruno Lopez- Brazil

Alexandra Reinert- Luxembourg

Chugan He- China

Laura Schünemann- Germany

Luca Feitosa Junqueira- Brazil

Julia Oezguec- Germany

Yi Rong- China

Yiren Wang- China

Gloria Roman- Ecuador

Nicole Scherleitner- Austria


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