St. Patrick’s Day: More Than Just Kisses For The Irish


Staff Writers

Everyone knows about Saint Patricks Day, but to most it’s simply another holiday of half-hearted celebration and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” T-shirts. However, Saint Patrick’s Day has an interesting history worth learning about.

I think learning about Saint Patrick’s Day would be totally cool,” said freshman Alondra Gonzalez. “I really don’t know anything about where it came from.”

Initially, the holiday celebrated the arrival of Catholicism in Ireland, but eve bntually Saint Patrick’s Day became yet another internationally commercialized holiday. The holiday is officially recognized by the Catholic Church; considering the holiday marks the date of its spread into Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day was created in the 1700s in March, and was originally celebrated in Ireland with feasts and festivals.

However, in the 1900s, the government in Ireland began exploiting the holiday to profit off of commercial goods created for the purpose of the celebration. It still remained a good commemoration for those of the Christian bunch that had something to celebrate, and a good advertisement of the Christian religion.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun excuse to celebrate and party, but it is worth remembering that it has a significant religious meaning to some of the 1.2 billion Christians on this planet.


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