CAHSEE Bootcamp Gets Kids In Shape To Pass The Exit Exam


Staff Writer

It is that time of year again. Students are preparing to take the California High School Exit Exam. For those who were looking for extra practice or help getting ready for the CAHSEE exam, San Marcos offered a CAHSEE boot camp. There was a class for English/language arts and a class for Math.

If interested in helping peers prepare for the exam, San Marcos students could apply to be CAHSEE Boot Camp mentors, and receive community service hours. In addition to receiving hours towards community service requirements, student mentors also received a special recognition letter from Mr. Behrens listing their efforts to support the Boot Camp – a bonus for college applications.

The Math-centered Boot Camp class was held on Saturday, March 8, while the English/language arts Boot Camp class was held on Saturday, March 15. Both classes were from 8am to 12:30pm. We are proud of all the students that attended the camp and we thank the student mentors for using their time to help their fellow students.


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