Mr. Jahademy


Sports Editor

JahadhmyAbe Jahadhmy has been the athletic director for San Marcos for years, but some students know little about him. In order to remedy this, Jahadhmy sat down for an interview.

Abe Jahadhmy was born in Zanzibar, East Africa. “It was a normal, quiet, beach life,” said Jahadhmy about what it was like growing up there. He lived there until he was 12 when he moved to Santa Barbara where he graduated from DP.

Jahadhmy majored in sociology at CC, UCSB, and Chapman University. “I chose sociology because I love people and I wanted to study group dynamics.”

He also became a father. His daughter’s name is Sophia. “It’s great raising her. I love watching her change and grow to be a nice young lady.” Sophia travels the country dancing and is a straight A student.

Jahadhmy first came to San Marcos as a soccer coach in 1987. He coached thirteen teams, five of which won league titles. He also coached the team of 1998 which became CIF champions. “They had the right chemistry, lots of talent, and some luck,” said Jahadhmy. He remained a coach for thirteen years before becoming our athletic director.

I have enjoyed sports since I was three years old,” said Jahadhmy when asked why he wanted to become athletic director. “It’s been a major part of my life and I wanted to still be in sports even though I couldn’t play anymore.” His duties involve anything that has to do with San Marcos athletics. You name it, he has a part in it. As athletic director he has hired strong coches, improved the faculties here, and created a competitive culture emphasizing sportsmanship.

Jahadhmy enjoys the students, community culture, and camaraderie with the staff at San Marcos. He plans to work for another six years here before he retires, but he will always be a Royal.

I think that athletics have taught our student athletes lifelong skills such as hard work, dedication, commitment, and fair sportsmanship,” said Jahadhmy when asked if there was anything he wanted to say to our students.

Jahadhmy has worked hard for many years at San Marcos and brought the school much success in its athletics. San Marcos wishes him well as he dedicates himself to our athletes.


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