Top 3 Free To Play Games of 2013


Staff Writer

Top 3 Free Games in articleIt was a great year for free to play games in 2013. The top three grossed over 2 billion dollars via micro transactions and other purchasable effects. It is incredible how quickly most of the games have grown in this new genre. Almost all of the top 10 are games that only came out of beta for about 4-5 years. Two of the three games in the top 3 are controlled by Tencent, CrossFire and League of Legends.

CrossFire was the top online free to play game with earnings numbering $957 million. Its publishers are Tencent and SmileGate. The game is a first person tactical online computer PC game made in South Korea. The game pits two mercenary corporations called “Black List” and “Global Risk” in a global conflict. Players join an online team and assume the role of a mercenary in one of these corporations. The team must then work together in an effort to fulfill objectives in different and unique scenarios. Based upon their performance in the game, players can receive points which are then converted into levels. The game was originally released in South Korea on May 3rd, 2007. However, it came out in the U.S. in Jan 30, 2009.

The second top earning game of 2013 was League of Legends. It grossed around $624 million. League of Legends also made national papers with word that League of Legends pro-players are now considered professional athletes and that the visa application process is simplified. League of Legends also made national news with its season 3 world finals, selling out the Staples Center as a live event. The game is based off a previously popular game, Defense of the Ancients. You essentially pick a character and attempt to destroy the enemy teams nexus or base. Another unique part of League of Legends is an active effort on the part of the game creator, Riot, to help the community. They created the Tribunal, a democratic system in which player-submitted reports are reviewed by other players in a case-by-case basis.

The third top earning game of 2013 was Dungeon Fighter Online that was published by Nexon. It grossed about $426 million. The game is a multiplayer “beat ‘em up” style originally released in Korea. The gameplay is very similar to 2D side scrolling hack and slash games. Characters can use abilities that cost MP and deal damage to the enemies HP. When the HP decreases to 0, the character dies. The gameplay is fairly simple to understand but hard to master.

Overall, after playing the three games my self, I found League of Legends to be the most fun. It has lots of players here at San Marcos and an excellent community if you stick with people you know. I found CrossFire enjoyable but the gameplay was similar to many other shooters and undeniably repetitive. The Dungeon Fighter Online game was addictive and it was very fun. However, it requires friends to play with or it can be very dull and bland. I pick League of Legends for my top free to play online PC game of 2013.


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