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Every 15 minutes someone dies from a car accident involving alcohol. Today, on Tuesday April 8th, San Marcos juniors and seniors witnessed a horrific, staged accident put on by the Every 15 Minutes Program. The scene began with two cars crashed into one another, one of the cars being driven by a driver under the influence of alcohol. Bloody bodies were placed around the crash site, and one was stuck in between the two cars. The student actors screamed from seeing their wounded friends, unable to move. After a friend of the afflicted called 911, police cars, fire trucks, and an ambulance arrived to the scene to attend to the students. Some died, most were injured, and the drunk driver was arrested and taken to jail.

“We really want students to learn the importance of drinking and driving; there’s a consequence,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Jonathan Gutierrez in an interview with KEYT.

The California Highway Patrol, American Medical Response, SB Sheriff Department, SB County Jail, the SMHS deputy, a coroner, and a county judge all participated in this drunk driving simulation, as well as 30 San Marcos students. These 30 students, with the guidance of Mrs. MacGregor and Mr. Thrasher, have been working for the past few months, getting ready for the presentation and to make it as real as possible.

“I would hope that students will realize this could happen to anyone, even them,” said Mrs. MacGregor, San Marcos teacher and Every 15 Minutes coordinator. “It always happens to “someone else,” what students need to realize is that they are someone’s someone else.”

Tomorrow the San Marcos juniors and seniors will attend a follow-up assembly to learn more about the consequences of drinking and driving. There will also be a video replaying the crash and a speaker who has dealt with a similar incident.

San Marcos students had the opportunity to witness a portrayal of a very big problem, drinking and driving. Hopefully these students will take the information they learned and do what they can to prevent accidents such as the one played out today.

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