DEIR Club Stimulates Students


Director of Media 


Marcus Elliot with (left to right) DEIR club co-founders Masha Korostil (senior) and Travis Brashears (junior), and DEIR club secretary Sarah Kang (junior)





New to San Marcos this year, the Distinguished Educators and Innovative Researchers club (known as DEIR club) was started by junior Travis Brashears and senior Masha Korostil, to bring to students, once every month at lunch, engaging, thought provoking, and inspiring presentations by elite professionals in our Santa Barbara area, who have something to share with aspiring young Royals about how they achieved success in the working sphere. Past speakers have included Ken Newendorp, a commercial insurance agent of Brashears Insurance, and David Kloos, a computer scientist and engineer at Raytheon.

This past week, on April 9th, the club hosted Marcus Elliott, founder of the Peak Performance Project or P3, in the Cafeteria during a block of 4th period, a switch from the club’s home classroom in F1, due to growing interest. Students filled in to hear from Elliot, a Harvard trained physician working to bring athletes up to their fullest physical potential using the latest technology to understand how the human body works. He has trained youth in our community as well as professional and olympic athletes; students who attended the talk were entertained to hear some of their favorite basketball and baseball players had worked with Elliot. Overall, the talk proved interesting and relevant, to many student athletes in the crowd . “I really like how he uses science to help athletes become better at what they do, and how it informs athletes how ready they are for professional sports,” said junior, Angel Padron.

“[It’s] very exciting for me!” said Travis Brashears, co-founder of DEIR club. “The reason I founded DEIR Talks was because throughout my life I have been inspired by adults with the wisdom they have to offer. I can bring in guest speakers to answer a fundamental question we (students) struggle with everyday in class: ‘how does all of this education now tie to what we will do in the future as adults?’ I was taken aback when I heard the answer over and over again: the struggle to get an education helps you be a better person at whatever you do. This is what I hope SM students get from these talks.” San Marcos looks forward to upcoming DEIR club talks.


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