Spring Musical Preview: Les Misérables


Staff Writer


This spring, the renowned Broadway Musical Les Misérables, hits the San Marcos High School stage. Directed by the talented Mr. David Holmes and Mrs. Carolyn Teraoka-Brady, it is sure to be a show to remember in Mr. Holmes’ last year at San Marcos. Everyone in this cast is incredible and they are sure to make this production as memorable as it was when San Marcos put on this show in 2004. “I have been in the musical for four years and it is such a rewarding experience. “The rehearsals are a lot of hard work but once you get to May and you perform it is a lot of fun,” said senior Paul Zink.

Based off the iconic novel written by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables delivers a beautiful message about compassion and love and how these traits are the most important in life, and possessing them should be the ultimate goal. We see this through the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean played by junior Geoffrey Lambeth and his transformation from a hate-filled man who must steal to survive, to a loving man who puts the needs of others before himself. We see Valjean leave the jail where he has been enslaved for 19 years under the loathing gaze of Javert, played by senior Paul Zink. As Valjean looks for work, he is constantly shunned due to his status of ex-con, a rank even lower than a slave. The only person willing to take him in for the night is a loving Bishop, senior Liam Allard, who gives him a hot supper and a bed to sleep on. Awoken in the night, Valjean decides to flee the Bishop’s house, taking the Bishop’s precious silver with him. When he is caught and returned to the Bishop, Valjean is let go as the Bishop tells the inspectors that the silver was a gift. Astounded, Valjean is instructed to use the silver to become an honest man. Believing that the Bishop has saved his soul, Valjean vows to become a better man and begins his journey to salvation and a new life. “Les Miserables is my favorite musical, mostly because of the message it has about redemption and justice,” said Director David Holmes. “We see the life of a man who has been convicted of robbery, and can’t seem to get out of the punishment of the law, and its only when someone shows him compassion and gives him a chance he decides to turn his life around, and I think that is the way the world works. Once a person said I’m sorry I did that, what good does it do to continue punishing them if they have changed? This play reflects the difference between living under life that is under the law, opposed to living life under grace, and that is very different.”

“Working with Mr. Holmes is an honor. He has a very creative mind and a phenomenal image for the show. I hope that the cast can convey that image well so that we can bring magic to the stage,” said freshman Olivia O’Brien. Running May 1-4 and 8-11 at 7pm, this show is sure to be a huge success. Mr. Holmes and Mrs. Teraoka-Brady have been working together for many years and are going to end their co-directing with a bang.


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