Pencil Dilemma: Lead or Mechanical?


Staff Writer

pencils 2

In the world of school supplies there are so many choices to make. When it comes to picking the ideal pencil, the choice may be a challenge. It is a huge controversy whether you should side with traditional lead pencils or technologically innovative mechanical pencils. Of course there are benefits and disadvantages to both. Ultimately, the mechanical pencil is the superior type of pencils.

There are many reasons why mechanical pencils prove to be the better choice. One reason is that they never have to be sharpened. We all know how much of a hassle sharpeners can be so why even deal with the frustration they bring.

You don’t have to worry about your mechanical pencils breaking like you do with lead pencils,” said freshman Jackson Eddy.

Also, mechanical pencils never lose shape. They stay the same length and size because they aren’t being sharpened. Mechanical pencils are also more attractive than regular pencils. There are so many sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs. If you have a cool new mechanical pencil, make sure to watch out because lead breaks easily.


Of course there are a few arguments that can be made in favor of lead pencils. For one, lead pencils have pretty good erasers. You can pretty much always count on a lead pencil having a great eraser but when it comes to mechanical pencils you may not be so lucky.

One thing I like about lead pencils is that you can determine how sharp they are going to be,” said freshman Zoe Reifel. With a mechanical pencil it is always going to have the same thickness of a point but you can sharpen a lead pencil to be a really fine point or duller.”

Also, there is no fear of someone stealing your lead pencil because face it, they are pretty boring. One more argument is that lead pencils are often times less expensive than mechanical pencils depending on which brand you choose.

So if it was up to me, I would definitely go with mechanical pencils. But the choice is really up to you. So depending on your preferences and the evidence provided, you are free to make your own choice. Next time you are on the hunt for school supplies be sure to keep my words in mind. 


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