Teachers vs Seniors Basketball Game Raises Money For Red Cross


Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Friday, April 4th, teachers and seniors faced off in the Thunderhut for the annual Teachers vs. Seniors Basketball Game, hosted by the San Marcos Red Cross Club. This year, all proceeds from the game went toward aiding typhoon victims in the Philippines.

The game started with senior Joe Logan tipping off against physics teacher Mr. Bradley. The seniors carried the lead for the majority of the time with the teachers following not far behind.

Going into the game I was fairly confident we were going to crush the teachers,” said senior Kyle Tran, vice president of the Red Cross Club. “We had a great combination of athleticism and awesome coaching that the teachers couldn’t match.”

The teachers made a valiant effort to triumph over the seniors, resulting in several wipe-outs featuring Mr. Burrows, but in the end the seniors secured the win with 56 points, holding a 10 point lead on the teachers. Overall, the game was a huge success, action-packed and entertaining, with half court shot contests, Ms. Wilber’s return to basketball glory, and all while raising money to help victims in the Philippines.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” said Kimberly Lol, co-president of the Red Cross Club. “In addition to raising money, we’re working on training our club members in disaster relief and basic first aid.”

The Red Cross Club hosts the Teachers vs. Seniors Basketball Game annually to raise money for disaster relief around the world. Juniors, be on the lookout for the game next year.

All pictures courtesy of the talented Patrick Knowles

senior teacher game

senior teacher game 2

senior teacher game 4

senior teacher game 5

senior teacher game 6

senior teacher game 7

senior teacher game 8

senior teacher game 10

senior teacher game 11

senior teacher game 12

senior teacher game 13


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