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Animals have been kept as pets for a long time. In 3500 B.C. Egyptians kept cats and considered them gods, they also made a law where you could not kill a greyhound because it was worse than killing a man. Buddhist monks in China raised goldfish in ponds in the seventh century and by the fourteenth century they began keeping them in bowls. These are just some stories of animals made pets but why should you have a pet?

There are many types of dogs in all different sizes. Ranging from as small as a Chihuahua to the Great Dane, these pets are also known as man’s best friend because of their loyalty. They look up to you as their leader but also as their friend. Some dogs will sleep with you and follow you around, but that depends on the dog.

Cats are solitary animals, but are also lovable. Cats need space to climb so they will jump and climb all over. They are also natural hunters so be careful of their claws because they are sharp. Cats are more independent so for the people who do not spend that much time at home your cat will be fine. They do not need as much care as dogs generally because they are a little more independent. They are good in an apartment or small space and once they become attached to you they become lovable and cuddle-able. They also do some funny things, for example they make funny faces. Did I mention they love cuddles and they are adorable?

Rabbits are personally my favorite types of pet. Rabbits range from Dwarf rabbit which to Flemish Giants which are about the size of a small dog or bigger. Rabbits are lazy animals and spend most of their time sleeping or napping. Some rabbits love to cuddle and you can pick them up and lie with them, but not all of them. They do need space to run and hop around.

Fish are one of the most simplest pets to take care of. Fish come in all different sizes and types.All you need to take care of is feeding them, and cleaning their cage. The only problem with fish that is different than other pets is you can not hold them or cuddle them. You can try, but I would not suggest it. All you can do that is fun is decorate their tank with plants or buildings or you can even decorate it to look like the Bikini Bottom, if you desire.

Hamsters are small and also simple animals, but like many animals, they need basic care. Hamsters are nocturnal so they will be awake during the night. Unlike other animals, hamsters are small so if you want to let them run around the house, then keep a close eye on them or put them in a small ball they can run around in because they are easy to lose. Also hamsters are independent so they do not need as much care as a dog. If you want to live in Hawaii anytime soon, you can not have a pet hamster because they are illegal to have as pets in Hawaii.

Every animal needs to have their space cleaned and they need to be fed at least once or twice a day. Having a pet is a big commitment and you have to be willing to spend the time and money on them. They will become part of your family; so good luck and hopefully you will adopt an animal in need and they will love you, and not just for the food you will give them.      


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