NBA Playoffs: the Climax of a Wild Season



Finally, after getting through the rigorous 82 game NBA season, basketball’s top 16 teams are ready to hone in on their ultimate goal, a world championship. The playoffs are a second season where the leagues best teams from each conference earn their money by stepping up and guiding their respective teams to greatness. Lebron James had a solid regular season, but at times he looked like he was saving energy for the playoffs. Either way Lebron, Wade and Bosh, and the rest of the Heat roster have captured the last two championships and are surely pretty confident entering the 2014 postseason as the favorite.

The Heat have a good chance at winning a championship this year just like every year.” Said avid basketball fan Junior, Osvaldo Cervantes, “But there are other teams stepping up so we will see.”

The Heat are by no means bulletproof. One of their main weaknesses is a legitimate post presence. This prompted them to sign seven foot, injury prone, and former first overall draft pick center Greg Oden. Oden has done okay in limited playing time this season, whether or not he can make an impact in the playoffs remains to be seen. Aside from Miami there are several hungry young teams that could make some serious noise this May. Miami’s greatest Eastern Conference rival is the Indiana Pacers who have a deep team that could make some noise in the postseason. Other than that the east has few legitimate challengers.

Out west it is much more competitive with more teams showing potential to make a run at an NBA championship. Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Houston, and Portland could all beat any team on a good night, which should make for some entertaining action! Many local fans are disappointed that they can’t cheer on the Lakers in the playoffs this year but California is still well represented with the Los Angeles Clipper as Golden State Warriors. Osvaldo thinks the Clippers have a great shot this year to at least make it to the finals.

The Clippers have the greatest chance in the west, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are doing work.”

This June, for one of these teams, a dream of winning an NBA championship will be actualized. Will it be the favorite and star-studded Miami Heat? Will it be the old and wise San Antonio Spurs earning yet another championship? The flashy, athletic and multidimensional Los Angeles Clippers holding the trophy at seasons end? The nation and world will be watching anxiously to find out.



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