Royals Lose Season Opener


Sports Editors

On Friday, August 29th, the San Marcos varsity football team played their season opener against the West Ranch Wildcats. The Wildcats came away with the victory beating the Royals 42-14.

The game was close at halftime with the Royals only trailing by a touchdown. Then in the second half, a series of unforced errors on both offense and defense allowed West Ranch to take over the game.

“We made too many mistakes at inopportune times,” said head coach Anthony Linebaugh. “Turnovers happening on our side of the field led to short fields for their offense [which] put a lot of pressure on our defense.”

West Ranch opened the scoring early in the first quarter, but soon after San Marcos running back Inre Cortez completed a 73 yard run for a touchdown.

The Royals struggled offensively with senior quarterback Joe Estrada only completing two passes. The Royals relied heavily on the running game, but after the electrifying Cortez run we couldn’t manage another running play like it.

The Royals have all the tools they need to improve on their first game and have a winning season.

“I’m looking for our execution to increase, and with execution increasing, we’re going to be more successful on the field and win football games,” said coach Linebaugh.

Come support the Royals on Friday, September 5 as they face Rio Mesa for another  home game.



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