IPhone Update: IOS 8 Stuns All

Director of Media

iPhone operating systems come and go so fast that by the time one understands the features of the latest edition, an improved version has already taken its place. The iPhone update, iOS 8, includes improvements in Messages, Camera, Photos,and Siri as well as new applications, Tips and Health.
Communication has improved with the latest iOS 8 update. Autocorrect has a reputation for causing frustration, miscommunication, and embarrassment. The iOS 8 includes word options above the keyboard to prevent spelling mishaps. At the App Store, ShiftKey Flow, the ability to type without lifting fingers, is available. Audio messaging is a new feature which sends voice messages, similar to voicemail, making it easier to send long messages. Group messages are now easy to leave, ending the annoying overflow of texts.
For the health fanatics, iOS 8 has a new Health application. It can be used to keep track of nutrition, sleep, vitals, fitness, and body measurements. In addition, it can be used in an emergency as medical identification. This is important because in case of an accident, it can inform medics about allergies, contacts, age, and other means of identification.
“The time lapse video is my favorite feature of the iOS 8; it is cool to capture the atmosphere changing,” said senior Ben Goldberg.
The iOS 8 has new camera and photo features. The “who holds the camera for the selfie” issue has been solved. The camera includes a timer to snap pictures at intervals of three or ten seconds. New filters and editing tools have been created, enhancing the pictures. Be cautious, iOS 8 saves deleted photos taken on the camera roll. Photos are not gone until they are deleted through the Photos application.  
Although iOS 8 offers improvements, it requires 4 GB of data and the iPhone 5 or 6. In order to install iOS 8, many users have had to delete their applications and music. If this is stored on iCloud, it can be downloaded once connected to WiFi. Older iPhones, such as the iPhone 4, have issues downloading iOS 8 and may turn out glitchy.
iOS 8 is a prime example of the improvements in technology. The new features make the iPhone more convenient and useful. iOS users can check out the new application, Tips, for more information on iOS 8.


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