Sam Pepper’s YouTube Video

Opinion Editor

Sam Pepper is a famous YouTuber with 2 million followers who recently made a video called “Fake Hand Butt Pinch Prank.” He asked unsuspecting girls for directions, grabbed their butts, and pretended it was not him. Many of the girls were obviously disturbed by this, which didn’t seem to stop him.
The fact that this was called a prank makes light of the fact that this happens all over the place, and makes it seem like it’s an appropriate thing for boys to do. One in four college girls in America experience some type of sexual harassment, and every two minutes a woman is sexually assaulted, according to This will plague a person for the rest of their lives, so for Sam Pepper to create a video making light of these occurrences is clearly offensive. Many people regard his “prank” as simply that, a prank. The comments under his Youtube video are defending Sam and telling people who are angry about his actions to calm down. However, every time someone says it is “just a joke”, it reinforces the idea that sexual harassment in any shape or form is just a joke, and is nothing to get angry over.
Rape and other forms of sexual harassment are endorsed and made light of every time something like this happens. The fact that the violation of a woman is seen as a lighthearted joke is disgusting, and unfortunately happens all the time. Catcalling is another example of uncalled for harassment taken as a light hearted joke.
In the video, he “pranked” about 5 or 6 girls, and 3 of them expressed frustration or disapproval. This doesn’t mean the other girls didn’t mind it, it simply means they didn’t speak up. Since when is sexual harassment a prank? It never has been and it never will be. Sam Pepper angered many people with his video, and essentially created a joke out of sexual harassment.


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