Homecoming versus Prom

Staff Writer

During these times of the year, teen girls and boys in high school are faced with the task of dressing nice and doing activities that have to do with the current occasion, but many of these teens get proms and homecomings wrong. Although they are the two most important events for any teen in high school, they have many differences.
Homecoming is organized during the fall months, with ours in October, while proms usually occur around spring. Since we are having a homecoming party soon in October 11, it should be noted that a homecoming is for celebrating the students’ return to school after the summer, mainly by doing sports activities such as football or basketball, and the fact that they are both party celebrations is the main reason they get confused with each other.
Homecoming traditionally comes with parades, and ladies wearing shorter dresses, as prom girls would wear longer, more wedding-style dresses. Homecoming dances are also available for students in all grades 9-12, while prom is usually reserved for seniors. Another similarity Homecomings and proms share is that they both have a “king” and “queen” of sorts.
In terms of dates and love, proms are more focused on dating than homecoming is, which are mostly friend gatherings but can be dates as well. Football is incredibly important for homecoming as it has been a tradition for a very long time, whereas most of the sports have been wrapped up by the end of the year for prom.
While these two events are both thrilling, spectacular, and incredibly important, they still have their differences, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun during both parties!


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