New Video Games from Bethesda Coming Soon

Staff Writer

There has been quite a lot of speculation surrounding what game studio Bethesda will release next. With The Elder Scrolls Online having been out for more than a year, many fans are anticipating their next release. It will either be Fallout 4 or The Elder Scrolls 6. Many have leaned towards a new Fallout game, as the last Fallout was four years ago. A new Elder Scrolls is still quite likely as the last installment in the series, Skyrim, sold more than 230 million copies worldwide and is the twenty-seventh most popular game ever, ahead of Battlefield 3.  
The Elder Scrolls, is set on a fictional planet called Nirn, and takes place on the continent of Tamriel. In this realm, there are nine gods called Aedra, and thirteen anti-gods called Daedra. The inhabitants of this realm include Dragons, Khajeet (cat people) Argonians (lizard people) Bretons, Nords, Imperials, High elves, Wood Elves, Dark elves, snow elves, and the dwemer (deep elves or dwarves). The Elder Scrolls is known for its’ expansive open world, and extensive universe.
Fallout takes place in post nuclear fallout America, and has often been called “the elder scrolls with guns” due to its’ expansive open world and lore. Instead of there being numerous races and deities, there are humans, and aliens. Fallout, is known for its extensive, yet few side quests, and interesting characters. Though it is set hundreds of years in the future, it still retains early and pre cold-war era style.
Rumors have surfaced that behind closed doors at the recent E3 press conference there was a preview for Fallout 4. It really is just speculation at this point, but as we draw closer to the new year, fans are expecting a new release. The recent publishing of The Evil Within was quite a success and is one of the best survival horror games of the year. If there is a new game coming out soon, it will likely be in fall of next year, but nothing has been promised thus far. Bethesda have recently been actively requesting on Twitter and Facebook for experienced developers to “help with a project” offering paid positions.


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