Who are you going to be for Halloween

Online Editor

Halloween is the time to pull pranks, carve pumpkins and get some candy. Now the problem is we are high school students, almost adults and not little kids anymore. Most of us have already stopped trick or treating. What about dressing up? What about the joy of going to the Halloween store and finding the perfect costume, or making one? Has that grown to be childish too? Here are some reasons to keep wearing a Halloween costume every single year.
The main reason is simple, when we wear a Halloween costume we become someone else. Whether it is our favorite movie, television show,book character or even our pets, for one day of the year we get to pretend to be this character and be in their life. While out roaming around in your character, you may see someone else dressed as a character from the show or however you figured this character out, which makes it even better.
The question you may be asking is why are costumes so expensive? Well the answer to this is because Halloween comes once a year and the costumes are one of a kind or Halloween shops try and get the most money they can off of you. Instead of buying one if you do not want to pay for a Halloween costume, make one. You do not need to pay a lot of money for a costume you can make and have fun in.
Certain Halloween costumes are easy to make for some, but for others it is difficult. Check out YouTube for easy to make costumes or just come up with an idea and create a unique costume.
Halloween is the time of year that we can be whoever we want to be and have fun being that person. For the people who still dress up it is the only time of year we can dress up and not look crazy.
It may not be your thing to dress up like someone but it will change your life. The most popular costume named by Anytime Costumes is a witch. This is pretty spooky, but what ever you are going to be for Halloween I hope you have fun with your characters.


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