One Act Shows you the Difficulties behind a Taking a Test

Comics & Classifieds Editor

On the evening of November 18th, the San Marcos theatre department performed this year’s first student-directed one act, titled “This is a Test.” The one act revealed the common problems and experiences students in high school face when taking a test.
“It went very smoothly,” said sophomore Alex Shorb. “I thought it was very funny, and the plot was well structured.”
The one act centered around Alana, a high school sophomore who, despite having studied nonstop the night before, cannot recall any information she needs for a test. To make things worse, she is unable to focus on the test, and spends a majority of the time daydreaming. This was represented in the one act by having three girls standing around Alana, repeating thoughts that were running through her head.
“It was a learning experience. We all had to learn to work together in an environment you don’t normally find yourself in,” said junior Emma Inglehart, one of the girls who symbolized Alana’s thought processes.
“I’m a quiet person, so it was fun getting to know [everyone] because they are more outgoing and out there,” said junior Sharon Martinez. Sharon portrayed the main character, Alana, and this was her first experience with the San Marcos Theater Department.
San Marcos sophomore Mary Maillard was the director of the one-act, and feels that it was beneficial not only for herself, but for all of the students involved.
“I felt really important,” Mary said. “I developed new leadership skills, and it was really fun. I’m really thankful for the opportunity I got.”
Be sure to check the San Marcos website for upcoming theater events, including more one act performances in January and the musical, Crazy For You in the spring.

The Cast:
Sharon Martinez
Alex Shorb
Courtney Morse
Camille Cosio
Stacy Cannon
Emma Inglehart
Kellen Romano
Jesse Parks
Kai Kadlec

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