Girls’ Soccer Scores Another Goal for the Book

Staff Writer

On January 9th, the San Marcos High School girls’ soccer team won 1-0 against Santa Barbara High School. San Marcos stressed the importance of teamwork and working as a unit throughout the game.
“The goal for the game was to be the team we have been training as. It was a competitive game with a lot of excess pressure but I wanted us to just play,” said Coach Macie Berlin. “We are a talented, cohesive team, and playing as such would get us the result we want.”
San Marcos did a fantastic job moving the ball around to stretch out the Santa Barbara defense. In the first 6 minutes of the game senior Ashley Julio scored the first and only goal. Sophomore Lucia Lynn fought off three defenders and attempted to score in the 28th minute. Sophomore Chloe Hamer ran towards the goal in the 37th minute, but the kick was unfortunately too wide.
In the second half, Hamer tried to lift the ball with her back to goal, but Santa Barbara caught onto the surprise. Santa Barbara had the best chance of scoring in the last 15 minutes of the game when they had three straight corner kicks. Once time ran out and the Royals realized they had won, they all rejoiced in a huddle and were proud of their accomplishment.
“I’m proud of our team for bouncing back from a brutal loss prior to our match against Santa Barbara,” said Lucia Lynn. “We came together as a team rather than a group of individuals and in my opinion, we played our best game of the season so far.”
“We had a lot of opportunities to score throughout the game and we could have accomplished them,” said sophomore Danielle Anderson.
The San Marcos girls’ soccer team played exceptionally against Santa Barbara. They are all proud of their accomplishment and can’t wait for the next league game today, January 13, against Buena.


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