Girls’ Waterpolo Defeat Dos Pueblos with a Splash

Staff Writer

On January 15, San Marcos girls waterpolo defeated the Dos Pueblos Chargers 10-6.
San Marcos started off the game very strong. The Royals defense limited the Chargers to only 3 goals in the first 3 quarters. In the first half, Dos Pueblos player Grace Heck scored a goal to tie the game 2-2, then the Royals bounced back with 3 goals in a row.
“My girls are amazing individuals,” said Coach Brian Roth. “I am proud of their confidence and ability to adapt and play through the highs and lows of the game mentally.”
“I am most proud of my team for being in control of the game,” said senior Kelsey Gellert. “We started off very strong and continued to play well throughout the game.”
San Marcos remained strong through the third quarter increasing their lead to 7-2. San Marcos senior Jenna Phreanor saved 12 shots in the first 3 quarters. Sophomore Brittany Prentice made the first goal of the third quarter followed by Riley Heiduk with 1:53 on the clock. There was a lot of foul trouble that made a huge difference for the Chargers. Brittany Tisdale sat out until the second half, Jordan Williams fouled out in third quarter, and Whitney Steidl in the fourth quarter.
“I think something we always have room to improve on is our communication,” said Brittany Prentice. “I think we’re becoming better communicators every time we play and have come a long way from the beginning of the season.”
The girls are very excited for the games to come. Both teams will play at the Santa Barbara tournament of Champions next Friday.


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