Fallen Soldier


Feature Editor

On Friday, May 1st, San Marcos students got an opportunity that most had never had before; the chance to honor a fallen soldier in a return home that was long overdue. Sergeant Wallace Dawson was captured in action and died from malnutrition while a prisoner during the Korean War, which took place in 1951. He was buried in a mass grave with other prisoners of war who died in the prisoner camps, and after the war the remains were buried in a grave for unknown soldiers. But recently, a new form of DNA testing has allowed us to identify hundreds of Korean War vets, including Wallace Dawson.

His funeral procession, taking place 65 years after his death, traveled down Hollister Ave from the funeral home to his final resting place, the Goleta Cemetery. The sergeant was escorted by his twin brother Warren Dawson, who also served in Korea. Rounding out the procession was a motorcycle escort of veterans. San Marcos students, teachers, and faculty lined Hollister to honor Sgt. Dawson. The Royals lined the entire length of the school, waving flags and cheering for a soldier who finally made it home. This show of patriotism is a refreshing thing to see in our school in a salute


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