Houston Flood Devastates


Sports Editor

On Tuesday, May 26th in Houston, Texas the 11-inch rain that had fallen the previous night, had developed into an uncontrollable flood. Within hours, power had gone out, houses and streets flooded, and many were left wounded or dead. Officials say that there are approximately 1,400 structures in Houston damaged and hundreds of cars abandoned. And according to National Weather, the rain is just beginning. All across Texas there is an expected 2-4 more inches of rain.

Houston isn’t the only city in Texas being affected by these flash floods. In fact, other cities like Wimberley, San Marcos, and Fort Bend county are experiencing even larger amounts of rain and disaster. Specifically in Kendall County, the Blanco River grew up to a record surge of 44 feet, which demolished almost all standing structures.

It was literally a large wall of water that came down the Blanco River,” said Hays County Commissioner to USA Today, “and it destroyed everything in its path.”

School systems in Houston have been closed or postponed effective immediately and even major railroads were closed until water could be sustained. Shelters like Red Cross, have been opened to help those victims of the flood. Toyota Center arena also became an area of shelter when the water outside the stadiums was rising to a dangerous level–many fans who were there watching a Houston Rockets game were asked to stay.

The death toll in Houston is approximately 6 found dead and 2 missing. But all across the state, death rates keep going up. Hays County, one of the locations most affected, has local officials on the lookout for eight missing people, including a family who was washed away in their house by the strong current river.

“It’s just very heartbreaking, that we have this loss of life,” said Kristi Wyatt, city spokeswoman in San Marcos, Texas to CNN News, “Some of those people were in a home together, celebrating the holidays, and they were swept away in the stormwater. … It’s just a terrible situation.”

The search will continue and help bring closure to the families of the victims.


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