Boys Baseball Hopeful for the Future


Online Editor

This year’s boys baseball season has been a tough fight. The boys began the season with a few wins against Hueneme and Pacifica from Oxnard, and Palisades from Pacific Palisades. But as the year progressed, the team fell into a losing streak. For the past 11 games, the boys lost to various competing teams. Scattered within these hard loses is one win, that the boys had against the Ventura team.

Varsity baseball player Ryan Guardino shares his thoughts on the recent losses for the team. “The losses were rough for the team and it got us all down a lot. Even though it was unfortunate to lose, I learned a lot from the seniors this year. And hope to pass on their knowledge to future players.”

Another player, Ian Churchill, describes the losses this season, “Honestly, it wasn’t very fun to lose so many times in a row. The high amount of losses were very difficult on our team, and it was hard to rally for practices with so many negative thoughts. Most of our losses were very close games, which is frustrating because we only lost by a bit. But we have new people coming in next year, so hopefully we will have a more positive season.”

The San Marcos Varsity Boys Baseball team had a rough end to their season, but they hope to start next years on a positive note. A mixture of strong young  players and a talented coach make it easy to believe that the team will be able to reclaim their position as a high ranked high school baseball team.


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