How to: Get a girl to like you


Feature Editor

One of the main thoughts that occupies a teenage boy’s brain is, of course, girls and all things about girls. Teenage boys are fixated and sometimes even obsessed on getting a girl to like them, but for many it doesn’t happen. Why is that, you may ask. I believe it is because boys are going about the whole dating process all wrong. Most teenage boys could benefit by changing their entire thought process on getting girls. Trust me, a little change could go a long way in the eyes of your crush, so you need to do your best to maximize your success.

Let us start first by looking at the method that is practiced by many high schoolers at San Marcos. These boys first get a girls number through a friend, at which point a texting relationship ensues. A texting relationship is as follows: the back and forth between the guy and the girl may be fun and flirty, but when the two see each other in person, conversation can be rough and uninteresting. This is where romantic interests go to die for most teenage boys, and you must avoid this point at all costs. And even worse, if the texting back and forth is forced or uninteresting, then you aren’t even getting off the ground in terms of landing the girl. Then, if a guy actually gets to the point of asking a girl on a date, it is almost always dinner and a movie with a desperate attempt to get action taking place in the movie theater, which can put the girl in a weird spot. All of the “tactics” or happenings that I have just outlined are bad and unadvised.

So now that we have covered what not to do, we will go over some things to do. The first step in getting a girl to like you is with the phone number. You just have to make sure that you ask her for her number yourself and in person. Asking a girl for her number is a classic sign that you have interest in her, and doing it face to face not only gives her that signal but shows that you have confidence in yourself. It makes you look better than a guy who gets it from her best friend. Hopefully you can find a convenient time to slide it into a conversation as opposed to that being the entire conversation.

Another important starter is the actual talking with the girl. Being good at flirting is key to having fun conversation with girls. Flirting can often come across as a guy being overly desperate or just plain weird, so it is a subtle art that is necessary to master. The best way to go about it is treat the girl mostly how you would your best friend. The most important part is to be comfortable with the conversation. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to sound amazing. Just try to incorporate humor into the conversation. If you can keep the girl laughing, that is a great sign for her interest in you. Funny one liners work, but light making fun of her also works. Its ok to needle her about things she does or says that are embarrassing, but do not take it overboard and make yourself look like a jerk. To sum up: flirting is fun, easy conversation that succeeds with humor.

A final element to getting girls to like you is something that I am a firm believer in: being a gentleman. A common thought is that guys with no manners get all the girls, but I will tell you now that is not the case. Because people believe that these types of guys get all the girls, most guys act unsophisticated. so if you act gentlemanly towards a girl you will stand out in a good way for being a good person. Being a gentleman incorporates multiple different aspects. The simple actions are the basic gentlemanly actions that should be done with every girl you interact with, not just a girl you are interested in. This includes opening the door for a girl when you enter and leave a building, opening her car door getting in and out of cars, standing up when she gets up from or comes up to the table and pulling her chair out for her to sit. But some of the most important aspects of being a gentleman are changes to your character. Keep your language PG-13, be good at making decisions, and be a good person. If you make a promise to do something for the girl, follow through. Go out of your way to help her if she is stressed out. If the girl sees you as a good, respectable person, she will be all over it.

I hope you have taken something away from this article on how to get girls to like you. Some of these steps won’t work on every girl, but if you follow most of my suggested advice, you will be enjoying the company of a pretty girl who is good for you to be with in no time.


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