International Museum Day


Staff Writer

International Museum Day is a little known holiday celebrated throughout The United States, Africa, Asia, and Europe. We began officially celebrating this holiday in 1977. Every year it falls on May 18th, when museums everywhere organize fun activities to emphasize the important role that museums have in building societies. These activities can last anywhere from one day up to an entire week. The popularity of this event continues to grow each year; this year more than 35,000 museums participated across 140 countries. This year’s theme was Museums for a Sustainable Society, which attracted thousands of people to appreciate the art of museums.

Museums play such a vital role because they allow to get an up close experience with things we would only see in pictures otherwise. Seeing something with your own eyes can make you feel a completely way that seeing a picture of it. Museums are also such a popular field trip destination because they teach kids the importance of feeling connections with your own culture and other cultures around the world.

“Museums, as educators and cultural mediators, are adopting an increasingly vital role in contributing to the definition and implementation of sustainable development and practices.” Said the International Council Of Museums President, Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz. With all the information we have at the touch of a button, museums have started to become a lost art, but this holiday brings light to their cultural significance. Through education, museums change the hearts of many people around the globe by enriching their lives with knowledge. The International Council of Museums’ website very accurately states, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”


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