Mr. Burrows


Arts and Entertainment Editor

Mr. Burrows is one of the most well-known and liked teachers at San Marcos, which is why it is so devastating that this year will be his last year teaching at the school. After school ends on June 10, Mr. Burrows will move to Phoenix, Arizona, with his fiance, where we wish them both well, but not without regret that Mr. Burrows is leaving.

During the 21 years that he has been teaching at San Marcos, he has taught numerous subjects.

I started out teaching an interdisciplinary class taught between honors American Literature, AP United States History. I moved on to create the Law and Society class at San Marcos, which I taught for five years, then taught AP World History, AP European History, and have been the coach for Mock Trial – really I’ve taught the American Experience,” said Mr. Burrows.

Mr. Burrows said that he is continuing his teaching at a school in Phoenix, and is looking forward to coming back to visit his favorite students.

San Marcos has the best student body in mankind’s history, we have the best students possible. The most rewarding part of my teaching career was working with the students of San Marcos High School. I’m going to miss you all,” Mr. Burrows said.

Make sure to stop by and say a farewell to Mr. Burrows before the end of the school year.


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