Skate Spots in Santa Barbara


Staff Writer

For many skaters, skateboarding at the skatepark can get a bit boring. And looking for new skate spots that won’t get skaters busted can be a struggle. Skaters can improvise at different spots throughout the city, using resources to improve their skateboarding skills. Many local skateboarders have found new spots.

1. Throughout Isla Vista. There are many things that appeal to skaters in IV, from parks to bike paths, there’s something that captures every skater’s attention: rolling hills, sharp turns, lots of curb space.

2. Close to Isla Vista is the common skate spot of the UCSB stairs. Skateboarders are often drawn to the stairs to try their moves at ollie-ing the gargantuan staircase.

3. Another interesting spot are the sewers. The culvert tunnels are big enough for skateboarders to skate through the tunnels when they are all dried up.

4. The Boys and Girls Club in old Town Goleta is another local spot. The assortment of obstacles prove a fun challenge for skaters to try and improve their abilities.

No matter where you normally skate, there are places in Santa Barbara for everyone to enjoy skating. Always wear a helmet and be careful when skating your favorite spot.


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