Apple Makes Big Announcement

(Emma Jurgensen/The King's Page)

(Emma Jurgensen/The King’s Page)


Staff Writer

At the September 9th Apple Special Event, many advances in Apple technology were introduced. While the most anticipated may have been the iPhone 6s, Apple also presented the iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil, a redesigned Apple TV, and new software updates.

The conference began when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, introduced a new leasing program called the iPhone Update Program which allows the user to upgrade every year for a low amount of money each month.

“I like the idea of essentially borrowing the phone from Apple and getting the new model every time it comes out,” said Ken Jurgensen, an Apple enthusiast.

The program continued with the announcement of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus. It features 3D Touch which allows different levels of pressure on the screen to indicate different commands. If the user presses lightly, a preview menu of the content will appear. If the user presses with force, the content will be opened. It is like having two buttons on a mouse, with the light touch being similar to a right click. Apple also introduced a new rose gold color, which many are excited about.

“I am so stoked for the rose gold,” said freshman Finn Gamble. “It really brings out my personality.”

Next, Cook presented the iPad Pro. It features a 12.9 inch screen, making it much larger than previous models. It has a “smart” keyboard that has easy shortcuts for copying and pasting, and for highlighting. It has an improved battery life and faster processing.

In conjunction with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil was announced. It recognizes the pressure you are creating, and writes accordingly. The harder the press the thicker the line. Apple prides itself in the pencil’s precision, saying that it has the ability to touch a single pixel. Although Steve Jobs was against ever having a stylus with his products, this seems like a worthy addition to the Apple lineup.

“With incredibly low latency, it has a responsiveness that feels like a true writing or drawing instrument,” said Jony Ive, the chief design officer at Apple.

After the iPad, the improved Apple TV was discussed. It features Siri now, and has commands such as “What did he/she say?” after which Siri will rewind the program 15 seconds. Also, if the user asks Siri about the weather or sports scores, it will appear in overlay on the screen.

Then came the Apple Watch, which has a new software update called Watch OS 2 and new watch bands. OS 2 features new watch faces including time lapses, customizable notifications, and the ability to respond to emails right from the wrist.

Perhaps most important of all the announcements is the new software update for iPads and iPhones. It is a revolutionary update that focuses on intelligence and productivity. Siri is at the heart of these changes, with a new search window when the user swipes left from the home screen. This display includes commonly used apps, recommendations, and popular news stories all from Siri. It has new app improvements that incorporate a News app, a public transit feature for Maps, and a more accessible Wallet, formally known as Passbook. For the iPad, IOS 9 features split screen multitasking where two apps can be used at once. Lastly, the new software has a low power mode that adds two hours to the battery life.

This has been a big year for Apple in terms of revolutionary technology. The company continues to develop incredible devices, and impress the world.


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