Class of 2019

Link Crew_samella

(Image Courtesy of Aaron Solis) Link Crew leaders crammed onto the bleechers before Royal Return.


Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Link Crew leaders began the 2015 school year alongside the class of 2019 at Royal Return on August 19. The freshman class of 588 students were given a warm welcome to San Marcos High School by the junior and senior leaders who were assigned a group of 10-12 freshmen whom they will mentor throughout the year.

At Royal Return, the freshmen were introduced to their Link Crew leaders, and they spent time doing a variety of activities which required skills that freshmen will need to succeed in their high school careers. The different throwing activities, memory activities, and teamwork activities taught the freshmen about focus, perseverance, working together, and other valuable attributes. After the activities, the Link Crew leaders led their freshman groups on a tour of the campus.

“The tours were really helpful to see where everything is,” said freshman Ryan Lehman. “Also, having an upperclassman helping out is really great.”

The job of the Link Crew leaders is to provide a positive role model for freshman and help them transition into high school. But in addition to being mentors, Link Crew leaders act as personal guides for freshman, making sure that they are on the right track, and lead them toward finding their role at San Marcos.

“Upperclassmen can give personal insight to freshmen on how to go about high school because they were just in the freshmen’s shoes not long ago,” said Assisted Student Body President and Link Crew leader, Christo Anderson. “It’s important for freshmen to realize this and grasp every opportunity to connect with an older scholar on campus for advice and input.”

Link Crew is a part of the Boomerang Project, and their goal is to unite schools by having their entire student body work together to provide a safe and productive school environment.  Link Crew involves upperclassmen on campus helping freshmen transition into high school. At San Marcos, Mr. Solis, Ms. Tilton, and Mr. Oftidal are in charge of Link Crew and they organized a training for the incoming junior and senior leaders over the summer. At the training, all the leaders were spirited and ready to welcome the 2019 class.

“Link Crew is a great program,” said Principal Ed Behrens. “I love how there is a lot of enthusiasm, fun, and excitement around [freshman] coming to high school and getting engaged in your high school.”

At San Marcos, we have 50 groups of two link leaders who mentor their class of 10-12 freshman. Link leaders mentor these students as a group and individually during Royal Time. In Royal Time, link leaders participate in community building activities with the students and help them with their classes. Outside of school, link leaders go to school sporting events with their freshman and guide them in becoming a part of the Royal pride.

“The additional part of including Royal Time is it provides all freshman with an opportunity to meet adults who show an interest and care about their success outside of the teachers they already have,” said Mr. Oftidal. “In general it promotes that idea of ‘let’s work together and build a campus culture that can make this school as successful as possible.”

Link crew is proving to be a rewarding program at San Marcos. By making freshman feel more comfortable and excited about school, we are creating a more passionate and spirited student body.


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