Parking Perils of San Marcos

(Sienna Berlinger/The King's Page) Spots fill up quickly in the 'A' Lot, leaving seniors with no place to park.

(Sienna Berlinger/The King’s Page) Spots fill up quickly in the ‘A’ Lot, leaving seniors with no place to park.


Feature Editor

The senior class has over a hundred fewer students than any other grade. With the addition of the largest freshmen class in Santa Barbara, that number does not seem like it is going to shrink anytime soon. The senior parking lot is not big enough to fit half of this year’s senior class. How are students going to be able to ensure a parking space in future years with so many new drivers?

Every year it becomes increasingly difficult to find a parking space. As the year progresses, the competitive nature of parking could become dangerous as more and more sophomores and juniors get their driver’s licenses. The seemingly simple solution is to get there early, but what happens when students do not have a first period?

Primarily, spaces in the ‘A’ Lot are full. If you can find a spot, consider yourself lucky. Some students have resorted to parking in the Haggen’s parking lot across the street.

Many seniors, cannot park in the places they planned and paid for due to the over use and sales of Senior Lot parking passes. According to Cheryl Long in the Business office, there are a little under a hundred spaces in the ‘A’ lot, but a hundred and thirteen passes for said lot have been sold.

“I had to pay 10 extra dollars for an ‘A’ lot pass and I still have to park in the ‘C’ lot,” said senior Sophia Gaynes.

The after school rush is already packed with parent and student drivers alike. When 3:04 hits, the parking lot clogs with cars. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught behind a group of overzealous drivers trying to beat the rush and pulling out of parking spaces, be prepared to wait until all of them have completely pulled out of your way because they will not allow you to pass them.

Due to the growing population of the school and the larger driving population than before, the school may need to consider alternative parking options.


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