Under-appreciated Clubs of San Marcos

(Image Courtesy of Nadine Lising) Students take interest in underrated clubs on Club Day.

(Image Courtesy of
Nadine Lising) Students take interest in underrated clubs on Club Day.


Staff Writer

Every student needs a place on campus where they feel welcome, where they can meet new people with similar interests, and where they can have a good time. Sometimes you need a place where you can talk about something that another person might have seen or read. Here are some clubs that are often overlooked but still offer these great opportunities.

Joining clubs on campus allows you to experience these opportunities. There are a variety of clubs on campus that would be exciting to join and enhance anyone’s high school experience.

Some clubs are less publicized or well known than others, but these clubs can still appeal to your interests. If you are looking for an interesting club where you can meet interesting people and have lots of fun, you may want to consider looking at the underrated clubs that generate less buzz. Anime Club is a perfect example of a club that does not get a lot of press, but is full of fun and interesting individuals. In the anime club you can watch anime that you may not have ever heard of.

“You definitely won’t be disinterested with the people here,” said senior Cheyanne Larinan, the president of the anime club.

If you’re not looking for a club that not simply about watching TV and movies, come and join Book Club. In this club you can read books and discuss the plots and themes of a variety of books. If this sounds appealing to you, you may want to come and spread the knowledge of books in the book club.

Any San Marcos student who is curious about underrepresented clubs on campus should consider joining either Anime Club or Book Club.

These are great clubs where you can learn new things and hear what other people have to say.


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