Why is San Marcos so Big?

Feature Editor

After dodging bulky, textbook­laden backpacks and closing your arms against your chest to keep from hitting anyone, you finally make it out of the hustling and bustling of main hall during passing period. “The halls were never this crowded last year”, you think to yourself. “Could it be that the school has gotten larger?” Indeed it has.

At a booming 2,200 plus students, San Marcos High School has grown to become the largest high school in Santa Barbara. This significant growth in the school leaves us wondering why so many students are choosing to become a part of this Royal community. One of the most attractive features of San Marcos accounting for its significant growth are its four outstanding academies; the AAPLE Academy, the Health Academy, the Entrepreneurship Academy, and the Culinary Academy. These academies certainly do their part in making San Marcos unique compared to all other high schools. Furthermore, the Performing Arts department of San Marcos has a reputation of unparalleled talent and success that runs deep in the school’s history, making it something that attracts many students who are looking to pursue the arts.

In addition to our programs, having events where parents can learn more about the school, like the Eighth Grade Parent Open House, clears up any confusion and misconceptions about concepts like the block schedule, which may keep someone from choosing to attend San Marcos. Now that people are equipped with accurate information, many more find San Marcos to be a better fit. Freshman Orientation and Link Crew are other facets of the school that play a substantial role in the growth of San Marcos by providing students with a positive first experience, making them more likely to choose to come back the following year.

Incoming families are also drawn to the high performance and rigor of San Marcos students:

“Another thing that attracts people is how well the students involved in athletics do academically,” said Activities Director, Mr. Solis. “Parents are seeing how well these students do and say, ‘I want to send my kids there.’”

Not only is our student body well rounded, the San Marcos Pride has an unshakable reputation for having strong spirit that draws people to be a part of The Pride.

“We’ve gotten a lot of recognition from the community about a lot of the work that the leadership students and Mr. Solis have done here regarding the school school spirit and the school climate,” said principal Mr. Behrens.

A growing student body is an astounding accomplishment for our school, however, it does pose some challenges. As the student count continues to increase, the school has had to hire more teachers, all of whom have made excellent additions to our incomparable staff. Facilities have also become a challenge as the school has grown throughout the years. Some teachers do not have their own classroom and consequently have to travel from room to room for every class period. Hallways have also become significantly more crowded, leaving a little less elbow room for everyone to move around.

Although these challenges often pose as drawbacks, our school’s resilience and ability to change, adapt, and overcome has shaped it into the outstanding school that it is today. From the zealous spirit of The Pride to the prosperous programs and academies on campus, San Marcos has many qualities that continues to draw in a plethora of students and provide them with an enriching and positive high school experience.


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