Spoiler Alert! Pretty Little Liars’ ‘A’ Revealed

(Image Courtesy of Maria Trujillo) Pretty Little Liars reveals 'A' in the Season 6 finale.

(Image Courtesy of Maria Trujillo) Pretty Little Liars reveals ‘A’ in the Season 6 finale.


Staff Writer

Fan’s are still confused with the dramatic and suspenseful show Pretty Little Liars. For those who don’t know the show’s plot, it is about 4 girls, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields, and the disappearance of their friend Alison DiLaurentis. After the disappearance of Alison, the police recovered the body of a young girl, who was buried in Spencer’s backyard and they assumed it was Alison. The girls reunite in Rosewood, their hometown for the funeral. They receive mysterious, anonymous texts from someone known as “A” and believe it is Alison. Throughout the season, “A” continuously blackmails the girls, so they hesitate to go to the police. Seasons later, the girls find out Alison is alive and is infact being hunted down by ‘A’. The police reinvestigate the body that was thought to be Alison, and find out it is a girl named Sara Harvey.

The finale season has drastic plot maneuvers including the girls getting kidnapped, but in the Season 6 Finale known as “Game over Charles” the Liars find out “A” is CeCe Drake. CeCe is discovered to be a transgender girl born as a boy named Charles and is Alison’s sister. Although we know who “A” is, there are still some unanswered questions. Why does the hooded figure seen over and over as ‘A’ appear to be taller than Emily, when the actress that plays CeCe is shorter than Emily? Was actress, Vanessa Ray a good fit for the role of CeCe?

“After watching the Pretty Little Liars finale, I was very upset,”said freshman Vanessa Muñoz, “The ending was predictable and had the answer I expected. The reveal should have been a shocker because we have been expecting this answer for 6 seasons! Honestly, the writers could have done way better and I’m disappointed.” Many fans hoped “A” would be someone new or someone that had not been suspected.

“I didn’t think it would be CeCe because they suspected her in season 4 and then it died down,” said junior Yesenia Carmona.  CeCe’s loyalty to Alison was questionable because Jason DiLaurentis told the liars that he saw CeCe wearing Alison’s clothes on the day of her disappearance.

“I was kind of hoping it would be a new character,” said junior Enrique Montejo Carmona. As the show progressed, new characters were introduced as suspects. Some fans believe the character Kimberly Brown, played by Dre Davis had something to do with “A” and it raised suspicion.

All things taken into consideration, Pretty Little Liars is a thrilling show that never fails to keep its fans from wondering what is happening next. The new season, that is coming out in June 2016, will fast forward into the liars lives when they look for Alison in order to warn her that, “He’s coming.”


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