What Should You Watch Next of Netflix?


Editor in Chief

Of all the technology to come into teenagers lives in the past couple years, one stands above the rest in time consumption: Netflix. One of San Marcos students’ favorite pastimes is watching a television show on Netflix. Students binge watch their favorite shows, going through whole seasons in a matter of days. So if you are going to spend your time procrastinating with a television show, you have to do it correctly. With this column, to be published monthly, I will go into the must watch Netflix shows of a certain genre. I will include some shows that hopefully everyone has seen while also tackling shows that are equally funny but not as popular. Today, we look at the best comedy shows to get you laughing.


The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Friends

The three shows I have listed above are three of the best television shows of all time. If you haven’t watched one of them, go turn on your computer, watch all 10 seasons without stopping, then return to this article. Each episode is 22 minutes, should it should take you about 91 hours. Go ahead. Seriously. I’m waiting.



Set in our own Santa Barbara, Psych follows goofy fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer and his sometimes unwilling but always hilarious best friend Gus as they solve crimes in an untraditional way that involves lots of hand waving, screaming, and also Shawn’s brilliant photographic memory. This show features slapstick comedy up the wahzoo, but at its best it mixes friendships, relationships, and family into comedy gold. Every episode does have a crime solved by Shawn and Gus, so there is always a bit of actual content in each episode to go along with the laughs.



This animated show follows super spy Sterling Archer and his rag tag spy agency led by none other than his mother. Archer features a little bit more adult, subtle humor revolving around drugs, sex, and a little violence. Nonetheless, each character in the show is absolutely uproarious in their own way. The characters truly make the show, as each episode you get exposed to different stages of ridiculousness in each character. Do not watch this show if you you are expecting anything serious on account of every line is designed to get you laughing.



My personal favorite on the list, an episode of Scrubs can make you laugh, cry, think about the meaning of life, then have you laughing again. Scrubs follows doctor John Dorian, known as JD by his friends, through a slapstick life working at a hospital. JD is all you can ask for in a main character; he’s funny, has an all time great best friend, but what makes him special is every episode he has a couple daydreams, where he takes something said around him and plays an absurd scene in his head full of costumes and laughs. This show again has a wide variety of hilarious characters, but the major difference between this show and other shows is the different interactions between the characters. I feel like I can’t do this show justice in this short paragraph, but consider it a must watch show.


Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec centers on a quirky government worker Leslie Knope, who works for the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation department. The show takes an Office approach to it where instead of filming like cameras aren’t there, the cameras follow the characters around and interview them like for a documentary. Leslie is an all out force to be reckoned with in government, who is a determined go getter who will do anything to make her beloved city better, which often gets her into funny situations battling with citizens and the bureaucracy. But again, the best part of this show revolves around her fellow Parks and Rec workers. A super hilarious supporting cast lends this show slapstick hilarity on all fronts. Parks and Rec not only features Chris Pratt at his all out funniest, but also Ron Swanson, one of the best TV characters of all time. Ron is a man’s man, who enjoys hunting, building this with his own hands, and fine breakfast foods, and as he will tell you, hates government more than anything else. He alone is reason enough to watch this show.


Arrested Development

This show is truly a cult favorite that has not gained wide recognition among the hordes of high school Netflix watchers. A.D. follows the dysfunctional Bluth family. Michael Bluth, played by Jason Bateman, attempts to keep his deranged and delusional family from crumbling into bankruptcy. Michael has to deal with a whole parade of family members, from an alcoholic, money spending mom to a brother who never grew up to a son who cannot understand his family. Again, this show is driven by a strong, star studded supporting cast, but in this show the humor is much more subtle than in other shows, and requires a bit of paying attention to understand it. After watching the mere three quality seasons on Netflix, fans have lists of inside jokes to enjoy with others who love the show.


The League

Many San Marcos students understand the rivalries, backstabbing, and hilarity that can come from being a part of a Fantasy Football league. Another cult favorite, The League captures a group of buddies who have been in the same league since high school, and who have never quite grown out of their adolescent ways. This show is probably oriented more to football fans, but can still be enjoyed by non football fans due to creative back and forths between characters. This show is built around trash talk and insults between characters as they work towards the ultimate goal: winning the Fantasy Football championship.


Blue Mountain State:

Blue Mountain State is the final cult favorite on our list. BMS takes racy humor to the extreme. The show covers the exploits of fictional university Blue Mountain State’s football team. The show mainly focuses on quarterback Alex Moran, linebacker Thad Castle, and mascot Sammy Cacciatore. The trio, along with the rest of their football team, indulge in a week of partying, drugs, alcohol, and girls before the big game on Saturday. Each episode deals with a different week of the season, and features the characters getting into more trouble than seems humanly possible and getting out of it by gameday. Interestingly, BMS doesn’t show a single second of the actual football games, instead focusing on the college shenanigans that go on before the game.


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