Artisanal Water – Yes or No?


Staff Writer

Voss, Blk, Fiji, Smart Water, Evian, and Mountain Valley Spring Water are just a few artisanal water companies selling water with a better taste and benefits to your health. The one big difference between artisanal water and “normal” water is price. A 12 ounce bottle of Fiji water can cost as much as a gallon of generic water you might find at the grocery store. Does artisanal water actually taste better and is it worth the higher cost? In this article I will be reviewing artisanal water by taste.

Voss Water: Voss is known by its trademark cylindrical bottle and is bottled in Vatnestrøm, Norway. Voss is also one of the more expensive waters on this list. I found that Voss had a distinct mineral taste and a lot of character.

Blk Water: Blk water is intimidating due to its black color from fulvic minerals in the water. I was expecting a gritty feeling in my mouth after drinking Blk water but surprisingly it tasted just like normal water. Blk water is just normal water with a black color.

Fiji Water: Claiming to be Earth’s finest water is not something to be taken lightly. Fiji water is filtered through porous volcanic rock giving it a unique and fluffy taste. Fiji water is one of my favorites I have tried.

Evian Water: You may have heard of Evian from their dancing baby commercials. After trying their water I wanted to dance. Evian water is bottled in Evian, France a small mountain town in the French Alps. Evian is heavy with the minerals and has a very natural taste.  

Smart Water: Smart Water made me feel dumb for spending money on it. A disappointing and tangy taste making it the worst water I tasted in this review.

Mountain Valley Spring Water: The oldest water on the list and my favorite, this water is taken from an aquifer in Arkansas where it has taken rainwater almost 3,500 years of filtration to get its great taste. Somehow this water has a sweet flavor without any sweeteners added, Mountain Valley Spring Water is doing it right. You don’t have to take my word for it, Mountain Valley Spring Water was the favorite of President Eisenhower, President Coolidge, Elvis Presley, and Secretariat (yes, the horse).

If you are thirsty and have some extra money lying pick up a refreshing bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water. It is my personal favorite and if you give it a try I think it will be yours too.


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