Class of 1985 Reunion


Editor in Chief

During the weekend of August 14-16, the San Marcos High School Class of 1985 held their 30 year class reunion in town. Taking place over the course of three days, the reunion involved the alumni meeting at a variety of locations for different events.

The reunion started off with a tour of the San Marcos High School campus the afternoon of the 14th. Former students had the chance to walk through the halls of San Marcos once more, and observe the changes that have been made since they graduated.

The reunion continued the following evening with a formal dinner. The dinner was hosted at Jill’s Place, a restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara. A total of 120 people attended the event, including ninety former San Marcos students. Throughout the night, alumni were reunited with old friends and classmates, and had the chance to reminisce with them. There was also a memorial set up for all of the students from the class of 1985 who have passed away.

“It was great to see friends I haven’t seen in 30 years,” said alumnus of 1985, Tom Taylor.

Alumnus Jim Tilley expressed that what he enjoyed about the evening was that he had the opportunity to meet fellow classmates who he was not close friends with in high school. 

“It was great to see how you saw yourself in high school was not how other people saw you,” Jim said. 

He encourages all current San Marcos students to really appreciate everyone who is around you at this point in your lives. 

On Sunday, the alumni had a family picnic at Leadbetter Beach. The alumni gathered at the beach with the guests and family they had invited. They spent a relaxing afternoon at the beach together, talking and enjoying the sunshine.

The weekend was a fun and sentimental time for all. Hopefully the class of 2016 and those following will have a thirty-year reunion that will be just as successful, maybe even better.


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