Fall Fashions Rule the School


Staff Writer

Do you wake up and ask yourself what am I going to wear? Most people have trouble trying to figure out what to wear. Fall is right around the corner and certain fashion essentials are needed. You can expect to see girls in dark shades, scarves, boots, hoodies, beanies, jeans, yoga pants, fuzzy socks, etc. These accessories can be combined and rearranged to fit your personal style.

“I like the neutral/dark colors of fall, browns, blacks, burgundies, dark greens, etc,” said junior Brenda Giselle Rodriguez. “My go to fall outfit would be rolled up jeans with booties and a simple tank, with a long necklace. I like this combo because it is comfortable, but stylish at the same time.”

Brenda’s style is great for fall because it gives that outgoing and fun look with a little statement accessory. You can wear this outfit and feel comfortable, but look cute.

“I like that it is cool, because you can wear warmer clothes,” said sophomore Ashley Wilson, “I like to wear a shirt, sweatshirt and shorts because it is comfortable.” Ashley’s style is really simple and easy to follow. It’s great for when you are on the go. You can wear this when you want to be active or when you want to relax at home.

“So my go to outfit would be a flowy dress, with panty hose, with long socks and booties with a small heel, and a cardigan with a scarf because it’s cute and still really warm,” said senior Cynthia Bravo. “Oh and my favorite thing about fall is that you can wear all the dark colors and wear a darker shades of lipsticks.”

Cynthia’s style is super cute and chic. It has that classic with a twist kind of look. This outfit is perfect for a walk through town. The dark colors will really make this season come to life.

Everyone has their own interpretations of what the fall style should look like, what is yours?


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