The Series of Unfortunate Events


Arts and Entertainment Editor

Most San Marcos students remember the 13 book series called The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. It was made into a movie that included the plots of the first three books and, now, Netflix will be adopting the books into a highly-anticipated episodic series.

Netflix recently released a report that they were turning the popular book series into a show, but fans have thought it too good to be true. The movie that summarized the first three books played Jim Carrey as Count Olaf, the villain, and accurately showed the dark tone  from the books. A teaser trailer was recently released that shows maggots, filthy desks stacked with papers, monsters, and, of course, the ominous eye.

There has been a bit of controversy over this trailer on whether or not it was produced by fans or was a legitimate trailer for the show. The trailer was released on YouTube under the name of Eleanor Poe, the sister of the social caretaker for the three orphans in the books. The trailer’s song of choice was said to be by the band who was featured in the audiobooks, The Gothic Archies, but the song was later found to be by the Dresden Dolls. There were numerous recognizable trinkets in the trailer that Snicket fans would note and the dark, unnerving atmosphere made it look professional.

“The books were so memorable as a kid and I’m looking forward to seeing it on Netflix,” said junior Grace Quittner. “The trailer was spooky and defiantly brings about anticipation.”

However, Netflix denied that it was legitimate or that it was involved in its production. Despite this official statement, many believe that they are being tricked because of who is behind the scenes of the series. Lemony Snicket is a pen name for Daniel Handler whose hallmark is surprise and trickery, which is why many fans think Netflix is trying to trick them. However, the trailer is missing crucial points like release dates and some specific TSOUE aspects.

Overall, Netflix is adapting the series into a show but has not released a trailer or their cast list. Many fans are anticipating another well made Netflix series.


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